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Poster Printing

Ro-Am Posters provide quality printing for posters, banners and rigid media including Foamex. Promote your business effectively with our great value printing solutions.

Poster printing in sizes A0 to A4

Poster prints can greatly enhance your marketing campaign, by communicating to audiences through eye-catching visuals and succinctly presented information. But only a well designed poster can achieve this. Ro-Am Posters’ design and poster printing team create impeccable poster prints for all our customers.

Even in an increasingly digital age, marketing relies heavily on poster printing. London tube stations, public buses and bank interiors are adorned with posters that are used to great effect during marketing campaigns. They can cause a stir or make a lasting impression on the viewer, but most importantly they get your message across.

The high quality poster printing is achieved through a combination of careful design, collaboration and creativity. Ro-Am Posters ensures that every print is made this way from the first to the hundred and first.

Popular Uses for A0 Poster Printing

Poster prints are available in a number of standard A sizes, with the largest being A0. A0 poster printing is extremely flexible, and ideally suited to large advertisements and smaller billboards, gallery exhibits and large blown-up photographs.

Choose A1 Poster Printing for highly detailed artworks

As the second largest A standard poster size, A1 poster printing is ideal for those looking to create larger scale versions of digital images. For example, promotional movie posters or advertisements.

Getting the best resolution for A2 printing

To achieve the best A2 printing, as well as other A sizes, the original image needs to have a minimum resolution of:

4960 x 7016 pixels for 300 ppi

2480 x 3508 pixels at 150 ppi

A3 and A4 poster printing

Size isn’t everything and many of our customers come to us for A4 printing and A3 printing. A4 is the most common size of paper used in printing and can be very versatile due to its smaller size, meaning it can be visible in more places. A4 and A3 posters are generally the perfect size for posters advertising theatre or live music events as well as for noticeboards in offices and in some smaller advertising hoardings.

The latest technology for poster prints

At Ro-Am Posters we stay at the cutting edge of poster printing and design technology.

Our poster prints are all created with the latest full colour large format machines, using only the highest quality paper and inks which are non-run and non-fade guaranteed.

With exceptional technology complementing our designers’ work, your poster prints will catch the eye of anyone around it once they are put on display.

Poster prints are available in popular sizes, such as: A0, A1, A2, A3 and A4.

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