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How to use print to promote your pop up shop

- 08-Apr-2016 -

While the online world is a competitive market, once you’ve established a consumer base you might want to expand with a real world store. Pop up shops are a great way for small or startup business to test the waters of street-level advertising.

To ensure that your pop up is a success, you’ll need to attract shoppers. One of the best ways to achieve this is through the classic medium of advertising. However, modern consumers are used to being bombarded with adverts so you’ll have to consider both traditional and unconventional forms. Ro-Am Posters offer a number of print options ideal for this, including: posters, flyers, business cards and banners.

How to use print to promote your pop up shop

Flyers With Discount Codes Drive Traffic

While handing out a hundred flyers doesn’t guarantee a hundred customers, with the right design they can convince potential customers to head to your store.

The best way is with an offer. Whether this is a discount code, sale promotion or a limited time stamp, giving your audience something extra will make your flyers more valuable.

Give your customers a reason to come into the store with the flyer. A “10% off purchase with flyer” sale can help you entice shoppers and has the bonus of enabling you estimate the effectiveness of your flyering campaign.

Flyering in advance of your store launch can help to gain exposure, but it is also tactically important to flyer on the days your store is open. Potential customers may not make a special trip to your store on another day, but they may happily pop by when they are already out shopping.

Target Transport Links With Posters

Poster prints are a large scale but cost-effective way to advertise. To target the most appropriate and largest number of customers, you’ll first need to consider your advertising locations.

Transport links, such as bus stops and tube stations, are a great way to get let the most shoppers know about your pop up shop. If you are having a launch party then targeting these transport links near popular shopping areas is a must. Some shoppers will always be looking for the new and interesting in between their regular stores of habit.

If you are having a launch party you may want to create two advertorial posters, one to promote your opening and the other to provide general opening times. Launch events can give you the excuse to invite press and offer you the chance to network with new audience. However, the real test for your store will be in getting shoppers in during your limited opening time so you also need to target these shoppers.

Network With Store & Business Cards

Business cards are a must-have for store owners. This is your individual point of contact as a pop up shop runner and business owner. If your pop up has been well received or talked about by influential circles, you can share a business card to build your network.

As well as your personal card, a business card for your business that is available to pick up in store is a great way to connect to your online audiences. Your shop may be temporary, but your online presence isn’t.

Leave informative but attractive cards at checkouts with social media details and website address to encourage shoppers to find you online. You can also leave other flyers that incentivise shoppers to make purchases, contact you or hear about your next pop up event.

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