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How To Use A Roller Banner

- 18-Dec-2015 -

Roller banners are a pop-up advertising tool popular at all kinds of events. Their versatility means they are ideal for both small and big business as well as personal use.

There are some roller banner dos and don’ts that will help ensure you make the most out of the small advertising investment of a roller banner. For example, what you should put on your banner and where it will be most effectively seen.

How To Use A Roller Banner

What is a roller banner?

A roller banner is a vinyl banner that rolls out to stand alone with a metal base and pole structure. Usefully, they are easy to transport because of their compact and relatively light structure which allows for speedy set up times.

At Ro-Am Posters our standard pop-up banner comes with a 2m stand and widths between 800m and 1000mm. We offer you a range of sizes and styles in order to meet your branding needs. All of our roller banners are fire retardant and safe for indoor use.

Due to their size and shape they offer you a mobile opportunity for instant branding that contains more than just a logo. With a roller banner you can include images, key information and other parts of your branding in order to make more of an impression on prospective clients.

Roller banners are a great print advertising format for a variety of reasons. You can display them almost any way. You’ll likely have spotted them in lobbies, conference rooms and shop windows.

How to set it up

The joy of the roller banner is the speed and ease with which it can be set up. Ro-Am Posters use heavy vinyl for the poster and a sturdy stand to ensure ease of use.

To set up the roller banner you simply pull the vinyl banner from the base and attach the poll to the top of the banner and the base. With that your roller banner will be ready in no time to impress potential clients.

Place your roller banner where it can be seen

Roller banners are a perfect branding device for your corporate events and conferences. They are a cost effective marketing tool as roller banners at Ro-Am Posters are made from incredibly durable materials so a little goes a long way.

The location of your banner in a room is important. Don’t hide it away in the corner, make it easy to spot. At a conference this will be in front of your booth. If it’s in a store, set it up next to the entrance to face arriving or departing customers.

Use a design and layout that highlights your key information

The design and layout of your roller banner is incredibly important. Make sure your key information is easy to read by not picking too small a font. Proofread your design thoroughly to ensure there are no mistakes in spelling or grammar before sending it for printing.

Whatever type of banner you need, Ro-Am Posters will provide a product tailored to your brand and business that is made of the highest quality materials. The rest is up to you!

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