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How To: Signage and Branding at Conferences

- 22-Apr-2016 -

Marketing tools are an essential part of conferences. As a means of promotion and advertising, they can make a huge difference to your brand awareness at these important networking events.

There are number of different print solutions that you can use to encourage attendees to visit and engage with your business, including posters, flyers, banners and business cards.

How To: Signage and Branding at Conferences

Use posters when you have limited space

Creating branding in a small space, such as a conference booth, can be difficult. When you don’t want to have to transport, setup and the disassemble a full exhibition stand, you can create a similar effect using posters.

If you already use promotional online materials, these can be converted into posters and stuck to walls or nearby signage areas. Easy to put up, time saving and an attractive way of showcasing what you business does, banners can also be rolled easily for reuse or thrown away – at very little cost to the business.

Banners are a more long term, portable solution to branding

A banner is a simple yet effective way to publicise and draw attention to stand at a conference. is using a banner. With hundreds, if not thousands, of people in attendance and numerous other companies vying for attention, you need your business to stand out.

Banners can help you to convey important information, in a neat and reusable form, during conferences. Free hanging PVC or mesh banners work well as signage, indicating the name of your business, the location of your stand or a call to action when displayed high up.

Alternatively, roller banners allow you to convey a little more information and to grab the attention of attendees at eye level. Both are portable and lightweight.

Flyers and business cards are personal networking tools

Flyers and business cards are both great ways to create brand awareness using a personal touch. Handing out flyers gives you an excuse to network with conference attendees, helping them to get to know your brand.

A well placed flyer might remind a visitor to your stand about your company later on, but creating the opportunity for a conversation will give you a chance to build a connection. If this goes well and you begin to see the opportunity to do a business, having a new business card on hand wil help to cement a deal.

Use flyers a smaller, informative versions of your posters or banners. They should convey all the main details of your business, company or product. Business cards should compliment them by offering contact information – either you personal details or the business’.

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