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How to choose a frame and hang your posters

- 30-Apr-2016 -

Framed posters make for great home decorations. You can even save money by getting your own posters printed.

Whether you are printing your own designs or framing a purchased print,you should keep in mind a few key factors, including its size and where it is going to go in your room. You can then get creative and choose a stylish frame and colourful mount for your print.

How to choose a frame and hang your posters

Scale your frame to the room

Make a note of the size of the room and of the space you have to display your new decoration. Its important to consider where you are hanging your poster once it’s framed, as you will want to match other decorations and find an appropriate frame size.

If you have a large blank wall, you could use an oversized, statement styled frame to make a feature of the wall and the poster. Alternatively, simple, unbordered and small frames will show off your prints and could be laid out as a series.

Measure the height, width and depth of your poster

What should guide you through the process of picking a frame is the size of your poster. A standard way to mount a picture is to use a frame that is one inch taller and wider than the print. Make sure that the frame you pick allows the same distance on all four sides of your posters, or it might make your print seem oddly proportioned.

Most posters are available in standard A sizes, ranging from  the size of your average notebook (A4), to the size of a movie poster (A0).

You can also order a poster in a custom size, but bear in mind that you might need to seek out a specialist frame, which might be more time consuming and costly.

Also bear in mind that some frames only allow very thin sheets of paper between glass and backing.Remember to check the thickness of your print before seeking out a frame.

Make your poster pop with a mount

Using a mount can make your poster look even better. A mount is a specially styled or coloured backing for your print. By matching your poster with an accent colour you can create interesting and beautiful layers between the frame and your print.

Consider the shade of your mount well and make sure that it doesn’t upstage your poster. Remember that a mount adds to the thickness of the poster, so look for a frame that can fit both.

Choose shatterproof plexiglass over normal glass

To make sure that your poster stands the test of time, select plexiglass rather than traditional glass. Good quality plexiglass is UV resistant, doesn’t trap moisture and most of all doesn’t shatter.

In addition, ensure that your frame’s backboard is acid-free, as acids can speed up the deterioration of your print and ruin its colours.

Clean your frame and hang your poster

Once you have all the parts of your frame and you are happy with your choice, make sure to clean the inside of the glass panel before you mount your poster on the wall.

Before securing the backboard to your frame, double check that the picture is placed straight in the frame. If you hang the poster and it keeps slipping down, use small pieces of double-sided tape to secure it in place.

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