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Fire Safety: Posters and Banners

- 22-Jan-2016 -

If you are planning to use a banner for large public events, then it is important to consider how and where your prints will be displayed for purposes of visibility and for the event’s fire risk assessment.

At Ro-Am Posters we provide posters and B1 fire-rated banners . A B1 rating means that they are difficult to ignite and are often self-extinguishing. This reduces the risk of the banner catching fire and of the fire spreading.

Fire Safety: Posters and Banners

The possibility of a fire starting varies depending on the event, as does the magnitude of its consequences. Here are some scenarios where our banners will be suitable, with some consideration, for how they can effectively limit the risk of a fire.

Posters present a very small fire risk

Posters present a very small fire risk at events. As with any piece of thinner flammable materials, such as paper or card, there is a potential for it be a fuel but not on its own.

Any posters, flyers or papers in large quantities should be noted in a fire risk assessment and not left near to any open flames, especially bonfires or lamps that will heat up over time.

Consider electrical equipment outside

Outdoor events which make good use of banners such as a festival, will require a banner to be strong and long-lasting. We recommend our PVC banners in either heavyweight or blockout form, not only for their durability but for their B1 fire rating.

Banners are most effectively displayed by stages, especially at outdoor festivals. However, it is here where the risk of a fire is high, due to the vast amount of electronics, lighting equipment and pyrotechnics which are in use.

A heavyweight or PVC banner is not only visually striking, but far less likely to catch fire and spread to other areas because of its B1 fire rating.

Display banners away from bonfires or fireworks

If you are organising a firework display you will most likely want a friendly welcome banner of some form for the night.

The possibility of a fire occurring from fireworks and bonfires, at events such as bonfire night aka Guy Fawkes Night, is unsurprisingly very high. Sparks and open flames can easily catch onto other objects, but careful event planning should avoid any unwanted flames.

A heavyweight banner from Ro-Am can survive the elements of unpredictable British weather for the course of your event. The banner’s self-extinguishing properties should also ensure it burns out without posing a risk to anyone should it accidentally catch alight.

Technical stage equipment and lighting are fire risks at indoor events

Indoor events are not susceptible to the weather elements and a lightweight banner would be suitable for most indoor public occasions.

Even in rooms with intense bright lighting, their high quality matte finish means the visuals remain striking with low levels of reflection.

But there are also plenty of indoor events which need higher consideration for their fire risks, staged concerts and productions contain as much pyrotechnical and electronic equipment as an outdoor staged event.

For occasions like these, a heavyweight PVC banner would be more suitable and has a longer lifespan. While fire extinguishers will be on hand, the B1 fire rating means the banner burns out without setting off other items, which is a safety bonus.

Take a fire safety risk assessment before your event and ensure that fire exits and meeting points are clearly marked. Then have a great, safe, event.

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