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Combining tech with posters #successfully

- Aug 17, 2016 -

Advertising may be taking a more digital path but that doesn’t mean poster printing is becoming an outdated marketing method. Far from it. In fact, businesses are using posters to coincide with online advertisements as part of an integrated marketing campaign.

Combining tech with posters #successfully

Integrating offline and online marketing

When integrating your online and offline marketing, it is important to note the 4 C’s of integrating campaigns, outlined by Pickton and Broderick:

  1. Coherence- Are all aspects of your campaign connected
  2. Consistency- Do the campaign messages support one another
  3. Continuity- Are the communications consistent?
  4. Complementary – Does the campaign work as a whole?

A clear and well-presented campaign strengthens your brand’s message and is more likely to attract customers to your company’s services.

Why posters?

Posters have the ability to stick in a viewer’s mind and can be a great tool for small to medium businesses to create awareness. Posters are low in cost compared to television and radio advertising and can be the final push of a marketing campaign.

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