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Choosing Your Banner Material: PVC

- 26-Nov-2015 -

Large format prints come in many forms, with PVC banners being one of the most popular. Both roller and PVC banners are an excellent way to use large format printing as branding for your business.

There are three main variants for PVC banners and each one has its advantages based on your needs and budget.

Choosing Your Banner Material: PVC

In order to assist you in making the best selection, we’ve summarised the key features of each of the three types: lightweight, heavyweight and blockout.

Lightweight PVC banners are a great starter banner

At Ro-Am Solutions, both quality and price have been matched to ensure customer satisfaction and a quality product. Despite a lower cost, our lightweight PVC banners are still  durable.

Being made from a very lightweight fabric, these banners can be compacted for easy transportation. Additionally they only weigh, on average, 440g so can be carried by hand and on public transport.

Ro-Am’s lightweight PVC banners have a matte front side which is low reflection. This suits their usual indoor use, where large amounts of bright lighting can cause a banner to be obscured. This material can be easily printed on with bright and bold graphics.

Lightweight PVC banners are ideal for conferences or in-store sales promotion.

Heavyweight banners are weather and tear resistant

If you are seeking a more durable PVC banner then the next level up from lightweight is; unsurprisingly, heavyweight. At an average weight of 550g, only 110g more than lightweight, a heavyweight banner adds significant strength without too much additional weight that could make it difficult to carry by hand.

Heavyweight banners are designed to suit large format digital printers. This means that your designs will always look their best on these banners without colours running or fading.

The stable PVC formula used to create heavyweight banners gives them a high tensile strength. Despite this being built into the structure of the fabric, it still retains plenty of elasticity to allow them to be very flexible.

This extra strength extends the banners’ durability during adverse weather conditions, such as wind and rain, and makes it tear and impact resistant.

All Ro-Am heavyweight PVC banners are B1 fire rated (difficult to ignite and often self extinguishing) for indoor use. Combined with its impact, tear and weather resistance, this makes them a popular choice as festival and event signage.

Block out ALL light with a Blockout PVC banner

For large format banner printing that requires a completely opaque material, we suggest using a blockout PVC banner. While the lightweight and heavyweight banners use light blocking materials on only one side of the banner, the blockout uses it on both.

As with heavyweight PVC, the blockout banners are a superior large format print. It is both temperature and weather resistant, along with B1 fire rated for internal and external use.

Blockout PVC banners can therefore be used at indoor and outdoor events, as roadside signage and in store promotions. The blockout material minimises glare from lights on both sides, meaning that they can be illuminated at night and still be seen clearly.

The blockout banners’ durability and resistance mean that they will last longer while maintaining a very good condition. If you want a banner for reuse, for example at conferences or pop-up locations, then the blockout banner will reliably last through numerous uses.

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