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A guide to image use on posters

- 01-Mar-2016 -

Poster prints allow you to reproduce any image or photograph in a large scale format. You can achieve high quality posters with beautiful and intricate detailing, depending on the size and resolution of your original picture.

As eye-catching and cost-effective ways of communication, posters can serve many purposes. From advertising and marketing tools to art reproduction and even home decoration.

A guide to image use on posters

Depending on what your poster will be of, there are different size options that would be ideal.

Print your favourite movie posters

For film enthusiasts, reproducing the ad posters of famous and iconic movies is a very artistic way to personalize a room. Your favourite vacations, special moments and family portraits can be made into art pieces to display in any room of your choosing.

The A1 printing  is the recommended size for this type of detailed and large sized format. With this size of  poster prints your recreation will have the same pixel quality as the original picture or digital image.

To attain the optimum, clearest print, the minimum resolution of your picture must be:

  • 7016 x 9933 pixels for prints at 330 ppi (pixels per inch)
  • Or 3508 x 4967 pixels for prints of 150 ppi.

Display highly detailed photographs or architectural plans

Poster printing is great at transforming your professional photographs into full scale pieces of artwork. The sizes A0 and A1 are both suited for these types of formats that require a high level of pixel quality.

To produce an A0 poster, your image must be of a set resolution, otherwise the image could appear blurred or pixelated. For A0 printing a 24 megapixel or more digital camera is the best option for these large size prints.

Be aware that the quality of the final poster will decrease proportionally with fewer megapixels.

For a high quality A1 poster, you will need a digital camera with at least 20 megapixels. 16 megapixels or 12 megapixel cameras can also be used, but the loss of clarity and detailing will be evident and are therefore not recommended.

Create large scale bold advertisements for your next networking event

Size A0 and A1 prints are great for large sized adverts and promotional posters. Less expensive than other marketing methods, poster printing allows you to advertise any event with high quality displays. Reach more people and garner attention with large scale prints of your company’s upcoming events or products.

If you are showing at eye level, rather than to catch the eye of viewers at a distance, Ro-Am Posters recommends the A2 printing size. For this format, the original picture must be either 4960 x 7016 pixels at 300 ppi (pixels per inch) or 2480 x 3508 pixels at 150 ppi. This will ensure your poster looks as good close up as it does at a distance.

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