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4 Ways to use Educational Posters in Classrooms

- 12-May-2016 -

Educational posters are an essential part of classroom design. As a means of motivation and inspiration, they can make a huge difference to your students’ attitudes towards learning and to classroom behaviour.

Research suggests 65% of the population are visual learners and our brains absorb visual information 60,000 times faster than text. Colourful designs and iconic imagery are therefore more likely to engage students and help them take in new information.

4 Ways to use Educational Posters in Classrooms

At Ro-Am Posters, we offer a number of different poster variations that can be used to encourage pupil participation and to enhance the learning experience.

Influence student attitudes by hanging posters

Pupils are influenced by their surroundings and research has suggested visually unattractive rooms produce feelings of discontent and fatigue. Making the right poster choices can help to combat student dissatisfaction.

By hanging aesthetically pleasing posters in a classroom you are creating a more pleasant environment for pupils to learn in. This encourages positive attitudes towards learning and can have beneficial effects on attendance and participation.

Not all educational posters are suitable for classroom use. Try using posters that have clear and concise font styles of a visible size rather than posters that are overcrowded with small in-depth text.

Define classroom expectations with rule posters

Poster prints that outline classroom rules will help to highlight behavioural expectations. Rule posters are also useful visual aids for teachers to refer back to should a relevant situation arise, helping to limit classroom disruptions and encourage children to use self-control.

Display these posters at a focal point in the room so that all pupils can clearly see and are reminded of what conduct is expected of them. Keep each individual rule short but firm and print each of these in a large bold font style to emphasize its importance.

Use posters to enforce safety in the classroom

Displaying visual aids such as safety posters is a way of enforcing safe classroom practices. Teachers can also benefit from safety posters. Creating a classroom that is well organised and carries little risk makes it much easier to teach effectively.

These are most effective when posted in areas that relate to potential health hazards that both staff and pupils could potentially be exposed to. For example, in workshops, art rooms with toxic materials or near playgrounds.

Colourful and simple yet accurate imagery that displays the potential dangers is likely to resonate with children. This in turn will help to reduce the possibility of accidents occurring.

Interactive posters increase pupil participation

One of the best ways to stimulate participation is to increase pupil activity. Having children simply listen is a passive action that discourages engagement with subject topics.

A clever way of using posters to encourage participation is to use post-it notes. Posters can be designed to include areas of reusable space that can be temporarily modified by the addition of removable post-it notes.

One idea is to print a poster where students are invited to share what they have learnt during the day. Each student writes a thought on a post-it note which is then attached to the poster. This helps reinforce the information to both themselves and their peers. Using disposable post-it notes allows the teacher to repeatedly use the activity throughout the year without creating too much clutter.

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