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4 Uses For Vinyl Banner Printing

- 26-Feb-2016 -

Ro-Am Posters provides a range of posters and banners can be used for a variety of purposes. Our large format printing solutions are suitable from the big and bold to the small and detailed.

Poster and banner printing options include a selection of sizes, formats and materials. Whether you know what you are looking for our would like our recommendation, our team in on hand to advise and assist you with every step of the printing process.

4 Uses For Vinyl Banner Printing

Here we have put together some examples of how you can effectively utilise Ro-Am Posters vinyl banner printing for specific occasions.

Business Events

Roller banners are an easy to assemble, transport and high in visual quality banner printing solution. Often used to outstanding effect in business conferences, networking events and office showrooms, they work well as part of an exhibition stand.

The two meter high stand securely supports your vinyl banner sheet with chosen design, allowing your brand to be visible even at a distance. High quality printing graphics also ensure that your brand message is clear and readable.

As keeping additional baggage to a minimum is of importance at corporate events, roller banners are both lightweight and easy to transport. Self contained in its own carry case, these roller banners can be carried by hand to events, even when travelling there on public transport.

One-Off Celebrations

Vinyl banner printing is not just for business events though, many of our prints are suited to personal occasions too. Vinyl in particular is suitable for both indoor and outdoor events thanks to the materials durability.

If the event is a one-off celebration, perhaps a wedding or birthday, we recommend using a lightweight PVC banner. The high quality prints come in sizes ranging from 2X4ft to 4X8ft, big enough for printing your desired messages and pictures of sentiment for the big occasion.

High Street Advertising

When advertising on a busy high street, your banner printing solutions need to be eye-catching and hard-wearing. If you are struggling to find a design that really makes a statement, consider consulting our in house design team.

For a temporary advertisement, at an affordable price, we recommend printing on foamex boards. They are large, sturdy and a better alternative to traditional wooden boards for their increased durability against the weather.

Longer term advertis, which are likely to stay on display for a months or years rather than days, we suggest using a heavyweight or blockout PVC banner. This choice of banner printing will guarantee greater longevity than the lightweight banner.

Environments with awkward lighting

Visibility is key to the reach of poster and banner printing. Placing it in a position most likely to be seen helps to ensure its promotional success. While this typically means high up or at eye level, this won’t help if there isn’t enough light to illuminate your banner.

At times when your interior lighting is subtle, you are placing your banner outside in evenings, or want to make your banner stand out, consider our  backlit 220 micron film prints.

Backlit banners are Ideal for absorbing natural light in the day, and lighting up when unnatural light is scarce. Buses and exhibition stands commonly need this visual diversity, as do nightclubs and bars. The latter especially will always require a lack natural light but relies heavily on in-house poster promotion. Backlit banners therefore are the ideal compromise.

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