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3 Ways To Use PVC Banners

- 06-Jan-2016 -

Ro-Am Posters provides customers with numerous high quality large format print solutions, including roller banners and vinyl or PVC banners. Each has its own advantages in certain business circumstances so selecting the right type of banner for your needs is key.

PVC banners are one of the most popular forms of large format print and can be created in sizes and shapes to suit your business. The typical format is a short and wide, i.e. rectangular with dimensions on average of 8ft x 3ft – a medium size.

3 Ways To Use PVC Banners

Available in three different varieties: lightweight, heavyweight and blockout, each type is suited to different uses based on:

  • Durability – is it temporary or meant for reuse?
  • Location – are you displaying the banner inside or outside?
  • Budget – how much can you afford to spend?

Here are three of the most popular ways in which you might want to use PVC banners and how they work in each scenario.


PVC banners are ideal for conferences and events where your business wants to advertise the key information of your brand. They will typically include useful business information such as company name, logo and perhaps some contact information.

The cheapest PVC banner option is lightweight. Its simplicity makes it the most affordable banner that will still do the job without falling to pieces.

Lightweight banners are perfect for short term use, such as a weekend conference. However, being cheaper also means that it won’t last as long. If you want your banner to be reuseable then you should consider stronger alternatives.

If your business primarily gets noticed as event exhibitors or at conferences, rather than having a permanent store front, then you may want to consider upgrading to a heavyweight banner. The increased textile strength means that it won’t tear as easily and, especially if you are at outside events, the weather resistance will stop your graphic designs from fading away.

Shops and stores

While lightweight banners have found popularity as cheap indoor advertising, heavyweight banners offer a longevity for a small increase in price.

When advertising temporary and short term sales in store – with specifically tailored prints for each occasion – a lightweight banner is both cost effective while being of a substantial quality.

Heavyweight PVC banners should be used when businesses want to advertise promotions on their shop fronts. The banners can be front lit to increase their visibility which won’t reflect off the matte surface. The weather and tear resistant material will ensure that, so long as they are properly affixed, the banner will last through wind and rain.

Blockout banners are a more superior choice for shops and larger stores, with heavyweight and lightweight options being a cheaper alternative that will do a similar job. Their advantage is that they contain light blocking technology on both sides. Front and back can also be printed on to make the most of dual signs. Consider this option when you have need more permanent banner adverts.


Festivals are susceptible to the ravages of the elements. Often lasting a long weekend to a week on average, any banner used at these events needs to be stronger than the norm.

Lightweight banners are not suited to festivals and are not recommended by Ro-Am. Heavyweight PVC has the structural tenacity to hold up in a festival scenario and would be a reasonably priced option.

However, the blockout banner is an even better solution for festivals for numerous reasons. Firstly, the weather resistance of the heavyweight banners is included, meaning the inks won’t run if rained upon. Additionally, they can be wiped clean if covered in mud and won’t tear easily.

The reason that blockout banners are a better choice than heavyweight banners for festivals is that they block out ALL light. Between stage lights, street-style lamps and the range of pyrotechnics and flashing lighting within the festival area, there is a lot of potential light that can be reflected. These banners can be seen no matter what lights are shined on them, without causing glare.

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