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3 ways posters will make your business and meetings better

- 01-Jul-2016 -

The office poster was once summed up comedically in a “Hang in there, baby” captions on photos of baby animals, a simple personalisation tool. With the evolution of the online world and more pressure being put on businesses to take work online, we may be forgetting that humans are often visual learners.

Trying to rely solely on vocal or text communication might leave staff bored as it lacks visual stimuli. Visual presentation materials will help to encourage engagement and sustain attention. Here are three reasons why you need posters for your meetings and presentations:

3 ways posters will make your business and meetings better

Paper is easier to read than screens

Though it has been debated whether it is easier to read on paper or screen, when considering information retention, the academic bodyUKSG Insights research did find that users often prefer paper.

Their key insight is that the preferred method of viewing was the key to memory. We have not made such education advancements to leave paper learning obsolete. As a result, visual learners will likely still find paper better than screens as that is what we have grown up using for learning.

Summarise complex data in an accessible way

65% of people are visual learners, helping give rise to infographics – which seem to only be increasing in popularity. The innate value of an infographic, much like the more basic pie chart or bar graph, is that it summarises complex data in an accessible way.

Infographics can be easily created in house, with numerous design programs allowing for slick and beautiful creations. They can then be printed up for display in board rooms or meetings, allowing you to illustrate your topic. Bright colours and symbols will grab viewer’s attention and keep focus on what you are discussing.

Create shareable content and resources

Not only do prints, such as posters or infographics, enable you to add engaging visual tools to meeting or office, they can also easily be turned into business resources.

For example, you might create an infographic about your company’s users, showing the age, gender and other key differences that will help you better target your advertising. This can then be turned into shareable content for your brand, posted across social media.

Additionally, you can use these visuals for data as a resource for your team, giving you something quick and clear to refer back to when you need to explain your business to clients or new employees. 

Once you’ve crafted your designs, it is easy to get them printed in any size or material you need from Ro-Am Posters. Head to poster printing in our shop for fast purchase, upload and delivery.

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